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The Three Phases of Wealth

With retirement lasting longer it is more important than ever to build wealth and resources needed to provide income replacement that will last through your shifting financial goals.


Accumulation Phase

During this early phase your earned income is saved and invested for both current and future needs. It is your “foundation” building phase. As with any structure, a solid foundation is key to achieving your goals. Your ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle during your retirement years will depend on the money you saved and invested through this phase.


Distribution Phase

You are now retired, and your working days have ended. During this phase you are no longer building wealth. Instead, you are using the wealth you have made to fund your retirement. During this phase it is important to have a good strategy that allows you to draw down on your assets while delivering a comfortable and secure retirement.


Transfer Phase

This phase involves the transfer of assets in accordance with your estate planning goals. We will help guide you in creating a plan that reflects your wants and needs during these years. This is the final phase in a successful investor’s timeline. We can work with you and your family if your objective includes gifting assets to loved ones or creating a philanthropic legacy.

Having a plan and understanding these three phases will help you build, preserve and transfer your wealth.

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