Chairvolotti Financial employs a prudent process to investment selection and monitoring. We reinforce continual movement while elevating assumptions and strategy which are part of our decision-making process. These principles go hand-in-hand with carrying out our fiduciary responsibilities. We thoroughly explain our fiduciary process and provide the necessary documentation, including, detailing the responsibilities of the plan sponsor in a clear and concise manner. As your partner we will guide you through the four distinct Fiduciary Functions that encompass your retirement plan.

Planadviser's Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisers: Selected based solely on quantitative factors, including plan assets and number of plans, as reported directly by nominees.


Financial Times Top 401 Retirement Plan Advisers: Awarded to financial advisors advising at least $50 million in defined contribution (DC) plan assets where DC plans represent at least 20% of total AUM. Graded on several criteria, including growth in DC plans and assets, plan participation rates, experience and industry certifications, and compliance record.

Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX)

CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization dedicated to helping investment advisers and managers apply the highest standards of fiduciary excellence in the investment process, governance, risk management and operational processes.


What does it mean for an advisory firm to be CEFEX-certified?

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Why work with a CEFEX Advisor?

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How does an individual benefit from his/her advisor being CFEX-certified?

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Retirement Plan Consulting Program (RPCP)

Through this program we can accept ERISA fiduciary responsibilities as a 3(38) investment manager. LPL Financial provides us with the tools and resources needed to support our plan sponsors.


Retirement Plan Operation's Overview

We created the “Operations Overview” as a detailed guide for our plan sponsors and plan trustees. The manual includes information regarding your ERISA fiduciary responsibilities and will assist you in preparing for an audit by The Department of Labor. It is designed to guide and help minimize your fiduciary risk.

Prudent Procedural Process Is Key to Reducing Fiduciary Liability

makes a plan decision, such as selecting investments or choosing vendors, it is necessary to fully evaluate and document the process.

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